How Can I post or submit my article?

You have to submit the version of your article in Word
processing format electronically through the IJAUD website
online submission.

How do I obtain copyright transfer form?

You can print out a copyright by clicking the download icon
on the Journal website. You will then fill the form and have to
forward it to the IJAUD Editorial Office.

Why does IJAUD request transfer of copyright?

IJAUD wants to ensure that it has the exclusive distribution
right, for all media. Such a right can be obtained through
an exclusive license from authors, but there is virtually no
difference between transfer and exclusive license. Given
that there is virtually no difference, it seems to us that
transfer does give an advantage in the elimination of any
ambiguity or uncertainty about IJAUD's ability to distribute
or sublicense.

Online Manuscript inquiries?

If you have questions on the status of your paper and need
to trace your paper process, or have questions regarding
an ongoing subscription, you can trace it through the online
manuscript tracking or search it.

How can I submit an article?

You must definitely submit your manuscript through the online
submission form at the IJAUD website.

How can I acknowledge about the author instruction?

The note for authors is printed out at the end of journal.
However, you can acknowledge through the note for authors
link at the Journal website.

How can I be as a member of IJAUD?

You can refer to the subscription form and fill the form. You
will then be received the Journal issues regularly.

How can I order off prints of a journal article?

For off prints order, you can follow the instruction which is on
the Journal subscription form.