Document Type : Original Paper


Department of Art and Architecture, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran.


Urban form has undergone tremendous changes throughout history. These changes have stemmed from various causes. Technology has been one of the most influential forces in changing the face of cities, leaving different marks on the city form. In fact, technology has gained an increasingly more important and integrative role in bringing changes to the urban form. In addition, recent plethora of developments and advances in various fields of technology more than before necessitates an examination of the relationship between technology and urban form. However, such an inquiry should be based on an understanding of the underlying philosophical and historical foundations underlying such a relationship. Throughout human history, a direct relationship has existed between the philosophical outlook on the world, the view on technology and its application, technological developments and consequently their effects on the city. The first step in understanding the relationship between technological developments and urban form changes and also in explaining the philosophical tenets, underlying urban form changes throughout history, is to realize the nature and philosophy of technology per se. The present study aims to facilitate and present such an understanding in order to broaden the horizons projecting the relationship between technology and urban form.