The Place and Influence of Intuition in the Creativity of the Architecture Designing Process

Document Type : Original Paper


Ph. D. Department of Art and Architecture,Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


The work of architecture is believed to depend on the governing thought in the process of architectural designing. This thought can be analyzed, developed, experienced, and interpreted. Creativity is the only domineering force in the idea of designing which is in quest for freeing architecture from the routine methods, and also finding the novel systems to answer the questions in architecture. Therefore, a special fixed and stable place is considered for creativity. However, the background and history of research and clash of ideas in recent years explains for the change in reconsidering the general ideas, and interpretations on creativity in the process of designing. Today, the approach that considers the process of designing an outcome of responding to the demand on creativity in architecture through logical and analytic methods is no longer credited. Instead, the process of designing is considered in a creative and intuitive way which is metaphysical rather than argumentative. This change in attitude and the relevant interpretations have introduced clear evidence; however, there remain many questions involving the identity and quality of the creative occurrences in the process of designing. Therefore, the intuitive approaches and interpretations about creativity have been so over generalized and complicated that have left a lot of obscurities behind. This article is an attempt to respond to some of these questions by identifying the ways the intuitive creativity occurs and also to present a descriptive stream in the emergence of creativity which means creating ideas only happen according to intuition.