Cultural Development via Mediatheque Center Design

Document Type : Original Paper


1 Assistant Professor, Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran

2 B.S. in Architecture, Islamic Azad University, West Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran


Mediatheque is an inclusive adaptation of library in which public could exchange information in practical way by applying contemporary technology. It is exerting a new method of bilateral exchange information between clients and sources through various media, which not only serve a faster data transmission than books and libraries but also are more efficient than the other services. This comprehensive library, which is centers of activities in different fields especially in arts and films, is a constant element in developed countries. By designing such an original scientific infrastructure, people can have easy access to information and freely exchange of data. This criterion can be one of the most elemental reasons that developed countries are commonly porn to use in urban areas. Investigations on these organized places for cultural activities that are accompanied by comprehensive planning indicated that Mediatheque can increase the knowledge of the public in an effective way. Therefore, for upgrading the cultural and scientific infrastructure in other countries such as Iran, having mediatheques is vital for almost every city. This paper aims to investigate the necessity of creating mediatheques, especially in Iran, and compare some examples of existing mediatheques in international scene, in which it can be applied as an example that would be according to the rich Iranian music culture. Moreover, steps of creating a musictheque will be introduced which should be a symbol of traditional and native music of Iran.