Investigating Sustainability Factors According to the Image of Iranian Bazar

Document Type : Original Paper


M.A. Student, Faculty of Art and Architecture, International University of Imam Reze


The aim of this paper is investigate the social sustainability of the bazaar according to viewpoint of citizens as the main owners. What factors are the main reasons for back to this place in the image of people. Bazaar is not only a shopping center like modern commercial center in the city, but as one of the oldest urban spaces which is also active today, has an important role in shaping urban communities, creating interactions between citizens and has been known as the center of economic exchange in the Iranian cities too. In this term, causes of obtaining this long-term’s stability according to the image of citizens is the main purpose of this paper. Methodology of the paper is Qualitative and quantitative. First we used questionnaire, then we had formal/informal interviews. Parameters of the questionnaire obtained from studying samples and review main factors in creating bazaar. Findings show that “memorable” is the most important factor in viewpoints of people. “Responsibility”, “diversity”, “safety”, and “accessibility” are the other factors. Results express “economic dependence of cities and citizens is not the main reason for bazaar sustainability, there are more important meaningful factors such memorable and diversity with determinant roles