Eco-Village and Climatic Design

Document Type : Applied Article


M.A. student, Islamic Azad University, Qazvin Science and Reaserch Branch, Qazvin,Iran


Eco village design is a new field of knowledge still under development. It will be the physical manifestation of the unfolding of the ecovillage dream held by so many. It is generally agreed that concept of sustainability should play an increasing role in future urban development world-wide. In order to ensure ecological sustainability, cities around the world have to decrease their environmental footprint. In this article, will try to find some principles of designing eco-villages in Iran that have less environmental footprint. Two aspects are important in this regard: the decrease of energy consumption and the decrease of waste products and its subsequent management. The concept of eco-village, despite having arguably limited influence, does have the potential to serve as an alternative urban model. As relatively small experimental communities, eco-villages are in the position to explore and apply novel solutions, the necessity of which is evident in the global concern for sustainability. Valuable practical lessons can be provided in the current for suitable urban development. In this article, some eco-villages around the world have been compared with each other and will suggested some solutions for designing eco-villages in Iran.