Analysis of Visual Impacts in Compact City’s Form

Document Type : Original Paper


Ph.D.Candidate, Department of Art and Architecture, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


Desired physical form of cities has been noticeable since the beginning of urbanization, from old patterns of early civilizations to the latest urbanism’s theories, which offered to build better cities. The opinions in recent decades have expressed that compact physical form of cities is a better form than sprawl form to achieve urban sustainability. The form of the city is the embodiment of its physical form so in compact and sprawly form of city, it will be created various visual effects for the residents. In this paper, visual impacts of cities’ form, which it caused by compression of their forms, examined with utilizing method of content analysis of texts. For this purpose, review the comments, which presented in the form of city, proving that the more compression the city is desirable for its better form. Among these theories, we used the elements of “Lynch’s” theory for a better cognition of the city. Finally, this article shows the desirability of the compact physical form of cities for achieving better cognition of its form.