The Principle of Amazements in Iranian Islamic Architecture and the Role of Decoration

Document Type : Original Paper


Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Art and Architecture, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


Attractiveness principal in Iranian- Islamic architecture and decorating in this issue Iranian Architecture in the period of Islam use different means to show the influential and effective thoughts and interpretations and meanings on the people. One way to identify the means is to Research and investigate in the audience’s cognition and understanding particularly architectures and identify the current Theories and Ways which describe the presses of perception and cognition. Cognition and mind system of middle periods of Islamic is obvious for us particularly with helping from left texts and the way of describing issues and subjects, Although mental and thinking studies from this period of time has been studied but some principles not all of them have been considered . In fact in cognitive system based on Islamic understanding. The stage which the characterize the beauty, amazements and attractiveness derived from creations and world. And can help the level and quality of maker and his ability. as in good arguments to understand It, the issues are considered which gradually can create the meaning, symbol, emotional concepts in the person who understands It. One of the principles is the sense of beauty and attractiveness and in literal language is wonderfulness and this article shows that this sense has been influential and effective in Islamic thinkers and architectures. And gradually some means have been used to derive the meaning and perceptions from It. Material means in Islamic architecture are decoration.