Public Space in Urbanisation Area: A Case Study of Xihuangcun Road

Document Type : Original Paper


1 Ph. D., Candidate, Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Toulouse

2 MSc Student, Department of Architecture, North China University of Technology


Urbanisation is still one of the social themes in developing countries. In China, the rapid process of urbanisation and economic growth bring to people not only more opportunities for creating new life and pursuing happiness, but also the challenge to face various and complex social, economical and environmental problems. Among them some are outstanding, like the shrinking plowland devoured by urbanisation, the withering of village abandoned by urbanisation, the inflating price of house and rent pushed by urbanisation, and the severe-completing and fighting for public resources evoked by urbanisation. While local dwellers are moving out and the out-comers flooding in, the traditional public context is heavily destroyed, and various environment issues are also emerging. Basing on a survey of Ro. Xihuangcun in Beijing, China, this article has made a near analysis on public space, trying to cast light on a model in urbanisation, and to draw some constructive suggestion and solution to this selected area as well.