Unsustainability of Urban Community, An Analysis to Urban Heterogeneous Area in Urban Fabric (Case Study: North Parts of Tehran)

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What is called the problems of Tehran metropolis now a days, is deep- rooted in the policies ofurban planning in our country. Since not far past up to now, immigration from all over the country to Tehran, irregular growth of urban population, inconsistency with urban infrastructure development, environmental pollution and low quality of living areas, erosion of self -growing fabric in most areas which get erosion very quickly due to not being benefited from minimum constructional standards, service and urban infected organ are all those problems that a city such as Tehran is confronted with. These cases caused that the greatest growth center of the country loses its capability of attracting the possibilities and parameters needed for efficient development and due to heavy pressure imposed by other towns and villages, this city is now suffering from serious problems which only by allocating extra budgets and additional funds, may be temporarily decreased. The topics which will be discussed in this article are those problems arisen from immediate neighborhood of two heterogeneous fabrics which have not been properly paid attentions to. So it has been tried in this article to address the heterogeneity in Tehran, caused by economic and social problems. In this article different aspects of the issue from urbanization viewpoint with analytical approaches and the existed challenges have been addressed.