A Study of the Perspectives of Architecturale and Environmental Psychology (Theoreticians and Psychologists)

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The concept of place and the necessity of understanding the plan and thus the reality of architecture has always been an important issue for architects. The mental and psychological effects of architectural frames on human beings have been considered from the early shelters to today΄s modern structure. Since the human behavior is performed in defined spaces, it is necessary to design the physical space based on people’s behavioral characteristics. In this papar, different perspectives on the relation between psychology and architecture as an interdisciplinary plan in two areas of perception and planning are studied. First, some general concepts and principles are presented and then an attempt is made to integrate the two. The main purpuse is to study how the designed environment by man affects his mind and soul in terms of function, form and other factors and also how the architecture is affected by controlling the behavior and individual as well as social motivation based on the principles of environmental psychology. Establishing optimum relations between man and his designed environment is the main objective of this study.