Clarifying Components of Urban Identity in Kish

Document Type : Original Paper


M.A. Department of Urban Design , University of Tehran , Kish international campus


The transition from the industrial age and the growing impact of the global economy on human life which has led to rapid expansion of western urban design culture in countries like Iran, are among the reasons why nowadays there is only a memory left in our minds of our traditional cities. "Urban identity" is one of the most important and most controversial issues among urban designers and other professionals involved in urban issues. This is a crisis faced by todays cities for years and has had direct and indirect effects on citizens everyday lives. Kish Island as one of the most unique island with coral reefs in the world is no exception. In this study, the components of urban identity in Kish are investigated from physical and content dimensions. Based on evaluations, the qualified variables with specific and highlighted traits which play an important role in Kish Island identity are introduced.