Developing Complete S‌treets inside Cities through the Es‌tablishment of S‌trong Policies

Document Type : Applied Article


1 Assis‌tent Professor, Faculty of Architectural Engineering and Urbanism, Shahrood University of Technology (SUT), Shahrood, Iran.

2 Professor, Department of Architecture, Eas‌tern Mediterranean University, Famagus‌ta, Mersin 10, Turkey.


The complete streets movement has been defined as the latest movement for providing safe streets for all modes of transportation and people of all ages and abilities through redesigning streets' spaces. The first phase in planning a successful complete street for any location is establishing a solid policy. To identify the key components of the firm policy, this study surveyed the highest-ranked complete streets policies in North America since the concept of the complete street has emerged in the USA. This study aimed to provide an exemplary policy structure for other societies to use as a model for developing successful complete streets policy in their communities. To support this effort, an integrated literature review made for an inclusive methodological approach. As a result, fundamental approaches to writing and defining an ideal complete street policy are clarified. Also, two characteristics outside the policy elements, which improved the policy's potential for success, are discovered.


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