Relation Between Eco Urbanism and Cultural Landscape

Document Type : Original Paper


Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Art and Architecture, Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


City growth and environmental difficulties last decades leads the art of urban design and development think more precisely and new approaches for conserving environment and developing urban areas have been evolved.The present study deals with concepts related to ecology in the city and in particular the theory of Ecological Urbanism and its criteria is expressed. Also theory and characteristics of cultural landscape is described. Persian traditional architecture and urban design especially in historic urban fabric has unique criteria, Shushtar ancient urban fabric is investigated in this research and its extraordinary characteristics are
compared with theories mentioned above.This paper is based on quantitative and qualitative research methods reviewed recent and reliable articles and documents. Also case study is assessed by reviewing, historical books and different official documents in addition a complete assessment of case study is performed by site survey, socioeconomic survey, physical survey, and demographic analysis. Plenty of data gathered by questionnaires, interviewing officials, authorities and residents. Result came out from comparison theories and case study indicates that Shushtar has both ecological urbanism and cultural landscape values and it could be argue that cultural landscape are special features of the culture, art and relation between human and nature in each society, they were existed long before the eco urbanism criteria formed, yet, it seemed there are some similar criteria to define them that illustrate the inseparable fact and
relation between them.