Document Type : Original Paper


1 Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture and Urban Development, Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran,Iran

2 aculty Member, Department of Architecture, Islamic Azad University, Tehran South Branch, Tehran, Iran


Effects of neglecting climatic patterns in buildings are more intense in severe climates such as tropical. It is
resulting an excessive consumption of fossil fuels and consequently environmental pollutions in and after modern era. The objective of this research is to find climate-oriented intentions and solutions in tropical areas and compare them with Dezful and Bandar-e-Lenge vernacular houses to examine how differences in mesoclimates may affect the climatic pattern of buildings. The present study will initially classify the experts’ viewpoints on the architectural patterns in tropical climates and prevailing targets, solutions, and will present features of the architecture in such regions. The solutions are tested on vernacular buildings of Bandar-e-Lenge and Dezful. The findings demonstrate that in the above areas, climatic solutions have been used to moderate high temperature and humidity. The local houses in Bandar-e-Lenge are in accordance with both climatic objectives but the houses in Dezful pertain solutions for only high temperature. Results also confirm that the difference can be observed because of the different sub climatic groups they are placed in.