Evaluation of Public Servants’ Acceptability of Public-Private Partnership in Housing Delivery for Low-Income Public Servants in Akure, Nigeria

Document Type : Original Paper


Ph.D., Department of Architecture, Federal University of Technology, Akure, Nigeria


Nigeria has had several housing programmes and policies geared towards the provision of housing her citizens since colonial era to the post-colonial period. The Nigerian Government had always been directly involved in the provision of housing for the public servants and with the advent of the public-private partnership initiative, the low-income public servants’ acceptability of this new housing policy was examined through a survey researchin which questionnaires were administered on public servants in the three tiers of government. The new housing policy through public-private partnership promises to make housing available and affordable to this class of the citizens. The study reveals that the low-income public servants embrace the public-private partnership initiative in housing provision. Recommendations were proffered in making the public-private partnership in housing delivery a workable panacea for the housing problems of the low-income members of the society.