Assessment of the effects of Megaprojects Implementation on the Quality of the Surrounding Environment (case study: Velayat Park in Tehran)

Document Type : Original Paper


Msc in Urban Plannig,Faculty of Art and Architecture,Islamic Azad university,Science and Research,Tehran,Iran.


Development of science and technology and the growing trend of globalization has pushed the urban communities toward competition on absorbing foreign capitals and construction of macro-scale projects. This competition has affected not only developed countries but also developing countries such as Iran- since it is expected that each urban development will finally result in an increase in the quality of housing environment and suburbs, constructing macro-scale projects will be justified if they lead to increasing the quality of the housing environment and the suburbs. Accordingly, the present study focuses on identifying the effects of Velayat Park (as a mega- project on the quality of the surrounding environment: The indexes of environmental quality were considered using library studies and world literature review. Identification and method of assessing indexes and the satisfaction of the residents. The analysis of the results was carried out using statistical methods of Gama test analysis through SPSS software. 


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