Encouragement of Settlement and PopulationAttracting in the New Towns – Egypt

Document Type : Original Paper


Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Department of urban planning, Faculty of Engineering, Al-Azhar University, Egypt.


The Egyptian new towns experience is among the most comprehensive and ambitious, regionally
and worldwide. Initiated as a governmental policy within a general strategy to tackle the multitude of problems
burdening Egyptian settlements in general and major and secondary cities surrounded by agricultural land. New towns
were thought as an effective partial solution for the problems of: encroachment of agricultural land, lack of urban land
for development, deteriorating fabric, infrastructure and facilities and low quality living. A variety of New towns were
proposed as a result of extensive, serious and comprehensive studies and joint endeavors of local and international
experts. The new towns aimed to create self-contained growth poles in the desert which would absorb and redistribute
population and activities, offering cheap housing and a healthy environment. Some new towns, have seen considerable
success in attracting industry, attributed to their favorable location near Cairo. However, success in encouraging people
to relocate to the new towns has been limited. A central criticism of the Egyptian programs is that all new towns
together will have absorbed a maximum of 20% of population growth by the year 2000. Aim this paper to address the
issue of “Encouragement of settlement and attractions for new cities and communities in Egypt”.


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