Author = Bahrami Samani, Nazanin
Assessment of the Role of Archetypes in Creation of Sense of Place in Iranian Mosques Using AHP

Volume 11, Issue 4, October 2021, Pages 65-74


Nazanin Bahrami Samani; Seyed Yahya Islami; Seyed Gholamreza Islami

Analysis of the Liquid Architecture Ideology Based on Marcos Novak’s Theories

Volume 7, Issue 4, December 2017, Pages 63-72

Siamak panahi; Anoosha Kia; Nazanin Bahrami Samani

A Semantic Approach to Urban Graffiti from Semiotics Viewpoint

Volume 6, Issue 1, February 2016, Pages 85-94

Siamak Panahi; Nazanin Bahrami Samani; Anosha Kia