Providing Empirical Suggestions for Rehabilitation of Deficient Urban Parks Based upon Users' Preferences

Document Type: Original Paper


1 Faculty Member, Department of Landscape Design, Malayer University, Iran

2 Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Geography, Michigan State University, USA


The main purpose of this study is to investigate the preferences of urban dwellers for various
elements of urban parks in order to provide some important suggestions for rehabilitation of urban deficient parks. In
this regard, this study has conducted a survey in one of the oldest parks in Khorramabad, Iran, to reveal the overall
satisfaction of the park situation and to explore the preferences of users regarding the characteristics of appropriate hard
and soft landscape elements of the park. This paper uses five independent combined analyses covering elements of the
urban park, including locational, functional, physical, visual and the vegetation characteristics in order to provide the
most preferable elements for rehabilitation of this park. For finding significant results, questionnaires are distributed
among 100 park users during spring 2014. Findings of the research show general dissatisfaction regarding the existing
condition of the park and provide some key points that can be helpful for improvement of the quality of the park based
on visitors' ideas.