Analysis of Bazaars and Shopping Centers as Urban Spaces Via Space Syntax Software (Case Studies: Iranian Bazaars and Tehran Shopping Centers)


1 Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, Islamic Azad University, Central Branch, Tehran-Iran

2 M.A., Department of Architecture , I.A.U of Dubai, Dubai-U.A.E


The aim of this paper is to investigate the bazaars and shopping centers as public spaces. Given the
weakness of public places and consequently the weakness of social interactions, today’s societies are in dire need of
social spaces to increase social interactions. Therefore, the review of these two as then and now’s urban spaces could
help solve some problems. Bazaars are among the oldest Iranian urban spaces, which are deemed to be the palpitating
heart of the Iranian cities, playing different social, economic, and other roles. Shopping centers are adopted from the
20th Century’s models and are considered as an appropriate alternative for Bazaars for the modern human of the 21st
Century. Descriptive-Analytical research method is of the case study model, and Space Syntax Software was used
for collection of data by library method and analysis. The results show that shopping centers cannot be appropriate
alternatives for Bazaars and can be considered as centers for meeting economic needs. Therefore, these centers could
not be considered as appropriate collective spaces and as appropriate places for meeting social and recreational needs.