Assessing the Act of Iran's Supreme Council of Urbanization and Architecture about Land Use per Capita

Document Type: Research Note


M.A. in Urban Planning, University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran


Planners have regarded understanding urban use per capita since the beginning of new thinking of urban development. This was stared with its pragmatics toward primary comprehensive urban plans and became a source for urban development plans that have tried to adapt per capita and standards with country’s conditions. Iran's Supreme Council for Planning and Architecture, determined standards per capita within the act of “explaining definitions, urban use and their per capita” in 2009. In the article, 50 cities chosen as sample in order to criticize the act of Iran's Supreme Council for Planning and Architecture on some urban per capita and surveying the amount of compatibility of cities’ status in Iran with the mentioned act. Tables of current and suggested use are extracted using the comprehensive plan of each sample and the results are compared with the act of Iran's Supreme Council for Planning and Architecture. The method is descriptive- analytic and the research is applied in nature. Their research illustrates a great variance between cities status and the standard of ratification that had approved in Iran's Supreme Council for Planning and Architecture. Revision in some factors like population, position and economical elements helps us to correct the standard in order to improve the quality of life in our cities. The results imply that the act some issues such as different climates, role and position of functions and ethnic-cultural and economic problems are disregarded.