Khoy’s expansion from early Islam until late Qajar according to historical documents

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Islamic azad university, tabriz branch, architecture and art faculty


Khoy, one of the major cities in the west Azarbaijan province is known for its nature, military, border positions, proximity to the Silk Road, including many different cultures and overall isone of the important settlements in the area. This essay investigates Khoy city’s expansion, from early Islam until late Qajar ) Fourth - Fourteenth century) according to historical documents. This article has been completed, by the help of different types of historical written sources, itineraries, documents and maps (matrakiminiature and Russian map).This article also illustrates how the location of the town citadel has frequently changed during centuries. In theFourthcentury (AH), the citadel was located in the west of its current position but unfortunately in the fifthand sixthcenturies it has had an ambiguous location and eventually sometimes in the Seventh oreighth century was shifted to its today’s location.Next centuries (eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth ) untill 1941AD/ 1360AH, location was in current position. Also destruction of khoy is mentioned 4 times in sources.


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