Energy Conservation in Building

Document Type: Original Paper


Department of Architecture High Institute of Engineering & Technology-King Marriott, Alexandria, Egypt.


The building sector accumulates approximately a third of the final energy consumption. Consequently, the improvement of the energy efficiency in buildings has become an essential instrument in the energy policies to ensure the energy supply in the mid to long term moreover is the most cost-effective strategy available for reducing carbon dioxide emissions This paper is studying the main objectives for an effective sustainable building taking into account the environmental sustainability aspect, where it has introduced the main principles for developing building concept and the governor concepts for this development for forming sustainable building skins, also it is focusing on the different techniques in terms of natural ventilation, shading techniques, and energy conservation and its role in enhancing the internal environment. The main objective of the paper is to investigate the impact of different ventilation strategies that can be implemented in new and existing buildings in hot climates So that it can reduce the amount of energy needed for building and sustainability in this climate.