Reading The Role of Yard in House

Document Type: Original Paper


1 M.A., Student, Department of Architecture, Harand Branch, Islamic Azad University, Harand, Iran.

2 Ph.D., Art University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran.


In today lives, daily trips of house inhabitants to out is made using closed staircase spaces or lobbies. Lack of a place for neighbourly relation results in less recognition and in some cases there is no neighbourly and friendly relationship. Families and especially kids surrounded in-house space so, today kids have less mobility and cause to depression of inhabitants of apartment houses. In apartments and today houses because of economic function of construction, almost it is seen that yard use as parking or cars commute. This research attempts to recognize yard importance in current residential architect and try to discover yard effects on house inhabitants. To do so, a fieldwork is done and existence aspects of a yard from three perspectives, quality, function and environmental condition regulation, in some houses are investigated and using a comparison of results the most important reasons of the yard are introduced. Generally, these reasons are categorized in two axes: human tends to collective life and a deep relation of the human with nature.