Geomatics and Architectural Heritage: a Multi-layer Interactive Map of Tuscia-Italy

Document Type: Original Paper


Ph.D., Italian Ministry of University, research and education, Italy.


The main aims of this research are the design and implementation of a multilayered and interactive geomatic map of the cultural heritage of Tuscia, one of the richest and most complex cultural areas of Italy, thanks to the presence of different civilizations, from Etruscans and Romans to the Middle Age. Its cultural heritage is very rich, valuable and above all diversified because including tangible and intangible manufacts and artifacts, placed in a peculiar natural context. For this reason, the research finds to purpose a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) map able to match some of the geomatics options in the field of the cultural heritage with a double level database recording, defined according to the Midas standards. This  GIS map of Tuscia was designed to be useful for two different kinds of targets: informal users, like travelers and schools, but first of all entities, institutions, and organizations which protect, promote and manage that mentioned heritage.