The Effects of Land Ownership System to Urban Development Plan (Case Study: The Section Edge of Tehran City)

Document Type: Original Paper


M.A.,‌Tarbiyat‌ Modaress‌ University,Tehran,‌Iran


: Land use planning and organized urban activities are the pivot of urban planning. Unders tanding patterns of urban land and property ownership is important because it affects the nature and shape of urban development, especially on the edge of cities with many social and economic features in one hand and some illegal subdivision of lands occur in this place on the other hand that is very important in providing urban sus tainable plans. For implementing the urban development plan; mus t acquire lands that it isn’t an easy work for municipalities. For example the lands located along the southeas tern edge of Tehran, called "Niroo Daryaee", though 80% of them are abandoned and have several social and environmental problems, which was decided to provide urban local plan for it by considering spatial, visual, social and environmental features and using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) model. But the shape, form and sys tem of land ownership is serious and has a limitation in implementing different types of plans. Thus municipality of Tehran tries changing res trictions to opportunities; it does not interfere in the form of lands because it is much cos tlier so decides to involve landowners to build their land, attracting public participation in successful implementation of the plan. Respecting citizens’ rights, doing in his obligations has achieved satisfaction of residences as the final and real users of the plan