Study about Realizability Situation and Utilization Contexts of Water Sensitive Urban Design


Assistant Professor, Department of art and Architecture, Payame Noor University (PNU), P.O. BOX, 19395-3697 Tehran, IRAN.


Climate changes, failure to complete the natural cycle of water in the city due to unsustainable
construction of the urban environments and increase of impervious surfaces, lack of nutrition of underground
aquifer in the cities, unsustainable management of stormwater and the floods due to them in the periods of rainfall
caused to provide an approach that is called water sensitive urban design. This approach offers methods in the three
parts; Sustainable management of stormwater, domestic scale water management and wastewater management.
Different countries have pay to utilize of these methods according to their climatic conditions and their urban
forms each in different ways. This study shows for achieve success in use of WSUD methods we need situation and
requirements such as: Legal framework, ability of methods to close water cycle in cities to natural water cycle, pay
attention to aesthetic concepts and aspects, methods ability to achieve the technical objectives, pay attention to type
of methods and the scale of site, pay attention to climate conditions and specifications in implementation of projects,
the measure of selected methods efficiency, public acceptance and integrated planning in the projects.