Green Open Space Housing Public Company Panakkukang Makassar Indonesia


Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Techniqe, Universitas Negeri Makassar, Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia.


This study is a field research that aims to determine the extent of green open spaces that serve as
neighborhood parks in Housing Public Company Panakkukang, which consists of three areas: Toddopuli, Tidung,
and Tamalate. Population in this study, is the third of the areas. The selected sample is Tamalate, arguing that the
area is in the middle and is central to the whole Housing Public Company Panakkukang. Data collection tool used is
the Global Positioning System. Data analysis techniques, qualitative analysis that compares the comparison theory /
standard SNI 03-1733-2004. Standard Housing in Urban Environmental Planning with the reality on the field. Based
on the results and discussion, it is known that the area of green open space in the area of Housing Public Company
Panakkukang Makassar city in general is not in accordance with the provisions of the extent of green open space
required in SNI 03-1733-2004.