Medical Tourism in Tehran Developmentas a global city

Document Type: Original Paper


1 Ph.D.Condidate, Department of urban planning, faculty of Art and Architecture, Science and Research Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran.

2 Professor, Department of Architecture and Environmental Design, Iran University of Science and Technology, Teharn, Iran.

3 Assistant professor, Department of Art and Architecture, Science and Research, Islamic Azad University, Tehran , Iran.


In comprehensive urban development plan, a vision of Tehran has been considered as a world city.
Tehran is also considered the regional medical center in the world of Islam in the comprehensive scientific map of
Iran. In the era of globalization, medical tourism is a growing market in developing countries and has become one of
fields of competition in regional development. According to the importance of strategic planning for the development
of medical tourism in the globalization process, the effect of medical service globalization in the mega city of Tehran,
and Tehran's response to the requirements are essential to investigate Tehran as a medical tourism destination. This is
a descriptive survey and also an analytical and exploratory study. Quantitative and qualitative methods were employed
in this research. Data were collected using in-depth interviews with 20 experts and a Delphi questionnaire. In the
first step, a desk study was performed and the conceptual model was developed. External (environmental threats
and opportunities) and internal (strengths and weaknesses) factors were analyzed by SWOT matrix. According to
the SWOT matrix, medical tourism industry was in WO and SPACE matrix confirmed the result of the IE matrix.
Percent using four strategies calculated and strategies ranked quantitatively by QSPM matrix as follows: i) Marketing
and Information System Development, ii) Public Infrastructure Development, iii) Product Development, iv) Human Resource Development. Accordingly, policies were developed..